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Tired of lost receipts? Us too

So we decided to do something about it. Every purchase made through HotelsConnect gives you the option to upload the receipt, either at the time of purchase or at a more convenient time for you.

The true cost of lost receipts

According to On The Money Bookkeeping, every receipt worth $100 that is lost, the business owner loses $30, (or if you’re a small business owner paying 28.5% instead of 30% tax, it’s $28.50). If the purchase includes GST and you’re registered for GST, then it’s more again.

Save time, save money

Expense reports are time-consuming, error-riddled and costly to process. GBTA and HRS released a study showing the average cost to process an expense report for a single night hotel stay is $58 and takes 20 minutes to complete, with 1 in 5 expense reports contain errors or missing information costing an additional $52 and 18 minutes to correct each expense report. HotelsConnect believes we can do better.

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