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Introducing the app the will Enhance and Simplify your Hotel Guests’ Experience

HotelsConnect connects Business Travelers to local service and retail providers such as restaurants, convenient stores, car rentals, taxis and supermarkets, whilst they are checked into your Hotel. HotelsConnect not only gives users the ability to locate partnered services but also allows the user to make purchases through the app and have the charges emailed to the hotel to be added to their room bill. At the end of a stay, all accommodation costs & incidental expenses will be settled in one simplified transaction.

So how can HotelsConnect benefit Corporate Accommodation Providers?


Provide a greater range of charge back services to your guests

The HotelsConnect App will connect your corporate guest with a large range of services which are commonly associated with business travel, including restaurants, taxi services, convenient stores, car rentals and supermarkets. Simply search & explore the area!


Enhance guests’ experience


Travel can be stressful enough without having to worry about record-keeping and consolidating expenses! We aim to take this stress away and improve the overall guest experience by providing a seamless and efficient solution. Your guests will be able to search local suppliers before checking into the Hotel, making them feel more comfortable about choosing your Hotel and less spent time trying to figure out what's nearby.

Increase retention rate and repeat business


HotelsConnect aims to provide companies with valuable insights into their travelling employees spend patterns. Management teams will be able to pull data from our App assisting them in finding ways to reduce, manage & better forecast business travel costs. HotelsConnect will keep a photo and transaction record of all receipts, as well as provide the guest and their finance team a consolidated monthly report to simplify the reimbursement process.


Let us manage the supplier relationship


Let HotelsConnect do all the work in finding and adding quality charge back options for your Hotel. Once checked in, HotelsConnect users will be able to search for options available within a close radius to your Hotel. When your guest makes a purchase through the app, HotelsConnect will immediately email the transaction through to you to be added to their room bill.

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